The Role of Social Media in Reputation Management For Startups

The Role of Social Media in Reputation Management For Startups and Emerging Brands

In the age of tweets and short videos, some startups and emerging brands in India are struggling to maintain their reputation on social media platforms due to additional work at workplace. This is the reason why many target audiences get annoyed with the timely availability of services and solutions and start trolling the companies. Also due to all the unwanted perils companies always struggle to win their trust again. Here PR agencies like PR Shastri come into the picture and help brands in India maintain their value in the market and expand their brand image among old and new audiences for their services.

Developing Social Media Reputation Strategy-

There are many approaches to handle the upcoming crisis by studying the platform, social listening, social media calendar, feedback mechanism, company story, mentions on social media, customer satisfaction.
Once you check all these lists and prepare a plan to work towards it patiently. Then you have all the options to go ahead and turn right towards your audience. As you have the necessary data to strategize and answer the questions. Also, you can share your thoughts like how you built a business and helped people by offering a product/service.

Crisis Management Plan For Social Media-

Sometimes a bad customer experience is enough to cause a social media crisis to be viewed as negative feedback. This led to mistrust, frustration and exclusion. So preparing for the worst is first like the trolliest troll. For this, check the brand voice, process of interaction with key employees, guidelines for departments, training for top executives. During a crisis, there must be social listening tools to understand the magnitude of the crisis. So that the crisis plan can be changed or modified accordingly. Responding empathetically to people looking for an answer to their question, while monitoring Social media.

From Blocking Posts to Keeping Internal Communications Flawless-

During this, it is most important to avoid another mistake. Hence internal communications with key stakeholders such as keeping everyone in the loop and clarifying the agenda of the future movement on social media. So that no misinformation and rumors spread and complicate the situation further. As seen in the past, while managing a crisis, they create more issues to end it. So the brand should step up and acknowledge the concerns and manage the disappointments by offering better services/product in future.

Here PR Shastri help-

Apart from social media management, the PR Shastri team always works towards staying updated with market trends, brand needs and market understanding so that if a crisis strikes, we are able to handle it and deal with any future issues. Can stop Also, conducting regular training sessions with key stakeholders to guide them as to what kind of posts should be posted on their social media handles and etc. We have experts with over 10 years of experience working and managing brands across all industries from FMCG, Fin Tech, Ed. -Tech, Health-Tech, Crypto, Automobile, SaaS Companies and HR Tech.

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