What Makes a Good Story in PR

What Makes a Good Story in PR?

A good story is about the belief of the person telling the story to the audience. That’s why every story is a good story. In business, many founders present their struggle, their journey, funding, bootstrapped business and startup dreams to the audience through multiple channels like media, social media, influencer marketing.

Important Tools for a Good Story
Many times it is seen that there are many layers to a story which can be separated from many assumptions like history, merit, family background and grit to achieve the goal. After studying the factors, the team decides on a route to take and drafts a story for multiple mediums with a large reach.

Result viewing time
Many times it is seen that the story comes too late. Meanwhile, founders/startups lose hope or faith because this may not happen. Which is a possibility but not going to be of zero consequence for enhancing the image, as there will always be a consequence. It’s just a matter of being big or small.

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